Download Jets'n'Guns GOLD - Game Shoot beautiful and great!!!


Jets'n'Guns GOLD - A space shooter aircraft old or entertaining for you. This point is perhaps the rise of the blockbuster game with 3D graphics and peak capacity is most severe for the game space combat simulation. Jets'n'Guns will bring to the difference, own attraction and especially the vivid graphics in the space really humble.
 With the gameplay really simple - Jets'n'Guns GOLD is a 2D shooter scene types go (side-scrolling), you control the spacecraft arrest criminals space, seeking to shoot down all the enemy spacecraft and go to the bottom. Opponents in the game range from the size to the fire, appeared gradually through each screen to challenge "level" of the gunmen. The proceeds after each game screen is used to buy guns, missile parts or upgrades for the ship, shopping even more powerful than a ship if you have enough money!
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  1. Unknown said...:

    Are there specific steps as to how to get it to work in gold version?

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