Download Game Megaman X5 - The Legendary Green Machine !!!

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Surely many of you do not forget the green machine Megaman X5, a character in the game offline with ultra cool name for a computer. With a number of other changes to the previous version, you can freely choose X or Zero character rather not change as the Megaman X4. And this was Capcom X reinforce the front armor of X4 - Fourth Armor - Wednesday armor (you only have armor when choosing X). Mission Zero this time the spacecraft launched into space to destroy the bases of Sigma.
Unlike other versions, Megaman X5 requires you to have a high level of play to get all the things needed for battle with Sigma. The plot of the game will change according to your level of play. If you play bad, you'll be able to witness the Zero Virus infection and you have to fight Zero before going to destroy Sigma.
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