Download AngryBirds - Classic Strategy Game


Angry Birds is a very popular game on mobile platforms, especially the iPhone, iPad and Android. The developer Rovio has released version of Angry Birds on PC to satisfying those who have not yet had the opportunity to play on a smartphone.
Angry Birds is one of the games on the iPad will make you drunk and forget the hours playing. It's the first look at the interface, thought it was one game for kids, but when you start playing will see and not so sure it will attract you all night. Angry Birds HD is a game with many loops and duties of each round is to simply kill the green pigs by throwing your birds. There are many different kinds of birds, each with using different and devastating. Yes, there are kinds of acceleration, which can be split into three categories, as one kind of bomb ... 
Since the first version of Angry Birds appear on iOS, this game has become extremely popular on other operating systems such as Android, WebOS, Symbian and even in line Nintendo DS handheld devices. The success of Angry Birds is a game has been downloaded over 50 million times during the year and make the fever "followers" from smartphones to perform a bold life.
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