Alien shooter 1.2 - Great shooting game


This is the game will put you in battle fierce monsters, you will bear the responsibility of protecting a secret research center. You must wipe the ferocious monster out secret research center. During battle you can buy weapons with devastating horrible or sell equipment is to earn money to buy modern equipment and stronger. To see the appeal of this game, you can download the game and discover the right settings.

Alien Shooter is a shooter action 3rd person perspective game gamers familiar. Just a mini game, but very addictive and extremely popular since the first version. This success has a lot of fans for Team Sigma team members to grow to the next version with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive Alien Shooter 2 will promise more charismatic, more attractive.

The first version of the series shooter 3rd - Fascinating from graphics, sound, gameplay, and the system maps, mission control ... you will not leave the computer screen where - A very good stress relief game for you.
So really, in Alien Shooter, you fired together with the hideous monster. The game takes place in a very familiar: you are a soldier to fight the monster that killed hundreds of people. You need to pass the warehouse murky, mysterious laboratories full of monsters waiting for you to come. You must protect these areas from the invasion of alien monsters with different combat skills and weapons. Hard work is probably down monsters as quickly as possible. 

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